Facts to Know Before Watching Avengers: Infinity war!

3 Facts You Need to Know Before Watching Avengers: Infinity war 2018!

10 long years, Marvel has been pumping superhero movies through a series of 18 successful movies.

Thanos has been portrayed to be Marvel’s baddest villain of all times. Will he be at its best in the Infinity War?

It’s a lot to ask an audience to keep track of all these films to understand the background of these stones. But the new trailer indicates that he’s not alone.

With back to back release of the trailer, Marvel in fact has created a huge buzz factor around the Infinity war; fans are eagerly waiting to watch their favorite superheroes ensemble to finally see them together onscreen.

Here’s a quick catch-up on the exciting things which you must know before watching the film.

#1 Who is Thanos?

For those who have seen the first Avengers, a purple guy sat on a floating chair – that’s Thanos. He was seen floating on the same chair again on Guardians of the Galaxy.



For some unknown reasons, Thanos wishes to rule the galaxy in the cinematic universe. Gamora can be seen saying that he can destroy the universe just by the snap of his fingers. How will Thanos accomplish that? Tada, the infinity stones!!

Once all the six stones are assembled together, Thanos will have unimaginable power, capable of destroying the entire universe.

Infinity Gauntlet

Source:-Infinity Gauntlet

With back to back release of movies, teasers and trailers; it’s a lot to ask from the audience to keep track of all that is happening. Isn’t it right? So, FYI, we have already seen five of these six stones. Do you still remember them?

#2 Infinity Stones! What are they?

The infinity stones are six ingots of immersive power; as explained by the collector in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Beings have to be supernatural just to handle these infinity stones or else they would blow up and die eventually.

These infinity stones are referred to as Time, Mind, Space, Reality, Soul and Power. If someone manages to collect and combine them all, it fills the infinity gauntlet, it grants them inexplicable power.


Source:-The Verge


Let’s take a look at the appearance of these infinity stones in MCU.

Tesseract(Space Stone) – it took the form of Tesseract. It made a brief presence in Thor , then a large role in Captain America: The First Avenger(used by Red Skull), and then in Avengers. Loki was entrusted with the job of bring Teserract back from earth. However, after losing the battle, Tesseract was taken guard in the Asgardian fort.

Mind Stone (Vision / Loki’s Sceptre)– Thanos sent Loki to bring back the Teserract. During this war, Loki was entrusted with the Mind Stone and it was held in the Sceptre. This stone was retrieved by the Avengers after the war. Tony’s experimentation with the Mind Stone led to the birth of Ultron and it eventually led to the birth of Vision; the stone sits on

Reality Stone (Aether) – Aether is a red floating liquid that attached itself to host and makes them stronger. At the end, it was given to The Collector for safekeeping. But the entire house of the collector was wrecked during Guardians of the Galaxy.

Orb (Power Stone) – This is the stone that actually created havoc at the collector’s home because of Ronan. Eventually, The Guardians retrieve the stone from Ronan and hand it over to the Nova Corps on Xandar.

Time Stone – During Ragnarok, it can be seen Dr. Strange’s pendant, which eventually became the Eye of Agamotto. Later, Dr. Strange uses the time stone to defeat the lord Dormammu.

Soul Stone – This is the missing stone. It is widely believed that It could be in Wakanda, but it eventually turned out to be false. Well, it seems that we will have to wait till April 26th to see the story.

#3 Black Order

For those who are puzzled about this gang in the trailer; they are fondly referred to as Children of Thanos. This trailer marks the first time we see all the four powerful generals of Thanos on screen.


Source:-Black Order

In the comics, Black Order functions as Thanos’ generals, but in the MCU, they are portrayed as his trusted generals. It is evident that these generals will help Thanos recover the infinity stone.

If all these war clips and trailers inches towards Infinity war, what will happen afterwards? Is there anything that Marvel planned after that? Let’s wait and watch.


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