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Hi!! I am Swarupa. A fun loving girl, Leo, trend follower, mad for fashion, desert lover and most important a crazy animal lover.

Wall Decor Ideas

If something defines your house and screams a great deal about your taste it has to be your walls. Yes, the same wall that capture you and yet protect you from what stays outside. Those walls define you. They speak languidness and they scream creativity depending on the whims and wiles of your taste. Why not …

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Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review

Have you tried the all new Lakme special CC cream yet? If not, what stops you? As far as consumer satisfaction is concerned this cream has truly topped the charts in that department because girls and woman from all age groups cannot stop praising the cream for its instant glow that lasts longer than the …

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Black is the new Pink!

Black is the new pink! Though black can “none-shaded-ly” compete with all colours along with pastels and even the kinky Grey! So yes, black is most definitely the new pink – the evergreen and also the ancient classic. The best thing about black is that nobody can go wrong with a little black or maybe …

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A Short History of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography online or in a picture, in magazines, books, advertising crusades or billboards manages everything around us, despite whether we are conscious of it, and whether we want it or not. It expresses a thought of photographer’s lifestyle, attitude, a story of subjects, style, makeup, hair, and is aimed to attract observation. It is …

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The Saturday Dine Out

We all want our Saturday night plans to be exciting.  Though it is impossible to make every weekend full of joy, we some how manage to plan a perfect one. This Saturday night was one of my beautiful weekend plans. For releasing stress of past one month, I spent well one hour in nearby beauty parlor. Then me …

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The Nature’s Beauty at Kodaikanal in Monsoon

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Every you and me are waiting for the weekend to come, so that we can spend our time doing what we love to do or to spend some time with your loved one or giving some quality time to yourself. This weekend with the the other two week offs …

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A Complete Guide on Selection of Eyewears

Choose Eyeglasses That Are Ideal For Your Personality Buying a pair of eyeglasses is nothing less than watching an opera. Why? Because both of these activities are full of anxiety, comedy, drama, frustration and joy until you reach the grand finale. Albeit you only get your happy ending when you’ve made the right choice. So, …

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welcome to TFAC

The Fashion and City Welcomes You!

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. -Coco Chanel Who better to explain Fashion than Coco Chanel herself! To simplify it a bit further, Fashion is everything that we come across every single …

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