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Who’s your favorite Disney princess? Cinderella? Snow white? Well, now you can have the footwear of your favorite Disney princesses! TOMS has been associated with Disney on a 30 piece capsule gathering for female of all ages. The lace-ups, slippers, and Velcro style to satisfy your hearts with your favorite Disney princess footwear!

Halfworth.com is here to provide you with all your favorite footwear at a reasonable price so you never have to compromise your wants and feel as special as a Disney princess. Register to halfworth.com and get notified about all the recent deals, offers and discount cards that are being offered.

Representing women empowerment.

Footwear News stated about this particular section of footwear that they were actually fashioned in the mid-1930s and 1959 by a couple of young female artists who worked hard behind the scenes in order to pervade color and magic in the amazing Disney movies. This collection is actually meant to promote women empowerment and to encourage the girls to pursue their ambitions and dreams and to never give up or be dependent on anyone.

When can you avail this offer?

You can take over this amazing collection at Cinderella Styles from 18th June onwards, tracked by Sleeping Beauty Shoes starting from 19th July which is followed by Snow White Fashions starting on 23rd of August.

Other collections like sun and optical eye wear would be added in the Fairytale Collection. The prices starting from $65 to $75 for female shoes and for kids’ size the prices range from $49 to $59. Eyewear costs for children would be $90 and $170 to $190 for women. The company states to donate one pair of shoes every time you buy a pair.

Get ready to look as elegant as your favorite Disney princesses in these amazing footwear.


The Cinderella collection offers amazing, delicate and elegant styles of footwear which is going to make you look as well as feel beautiful. Get ready to spend some money on yourself girls and to be the center of attention in a gathering as all eyes are going to be at YOU.


Cinderella Collection is offering amazing types, shapes, colors and a vast variety of eye wear that is going to suit all your clothes and goes with the fashion trends! Make sure you have a lot of answers to a lot of compliments because you are going to get a lot of them when you walk out of the door wearing them!


Snow White is offering these amazing slip-ons so you look beautiful and feel comfortable. So get ready to look elegant without having to hurt your feet like local shoes do!


Get ready to look wonderfully ravishing in these amazing pair of Sleeping Beauty footwear. You will no doubt look elegant as well as sophisticated in these shoes and the rest of the collection.

Halfworth.com is offering you all these amazing footwear and eye-wear at a discounted cost and also would provide you all sorts of vouchers and discount cards. Look beautiful, feel beautiful and save yourself a couple of bucks to shop the rest of the market. What else would a girl need, right girls!!!

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