All You Need to Know About Yoga

Yoga History –

If one goes through the pages of history, they will easily get to know that the word “Yoga” was first used in the book of Rig Veda. If you do not already know much about the book of Rig Veda then let me enlighten you a bit about the book. The book is one ancient Indian book which has ancient poems, songs, mantras and about all the rituals that are practiced by the Brahmans. The rituals and rites mentioned in this book still continues to be practiced by the Brahmans residing in India today. Thus, Yoga came to being first in India, about 5000 years ago.

Thus, India is where Yoga first originate,that too about 5000 years ago.

Benefits of Yoga:



Yoga has various health and physical benefits. Starting from helping one increase physical flexibility to reduce weight to even overcome some physical injury, yoga can solve it all. The origin country or place might be India, due to its various beneficial properties it has been widely spread across the world. The origin country India itself stopped giving enough importance and respect to Yoga for some time but the other countries, specifically the western countries and Korea and other Asian countries embraced this natural technique of overcoming the physical shortcomings. There have been numerous researches done on Yoga to discover further benefits that Yoga causes and their scientific reasons. Apparently, almost uncountable number of positive things are associated with regular practice of Yoga.

>>Yoga is that one method that helps your stay fit, refresh your mind and stay young for a longer period of time. Feeling curious to know and learn about all the health benefits and physical benefits that Yoga helps you attain? I can totally understand the curiosity, so you do not need to Google your way in order to find out about all the benefits of Yoga. Here I am providing you all with a list of all the benefits (health, mind, soul) that Yoga causes.

>>Regular practice of Yoga helps your body attain more flexibility. Thus it becomes easier to perform different physical works.

>>Tired of working hard on maintaining your postures but failing miserably in all your attempts everytime? Then you must read this point. Yoga helps fight slumping and thus maintain the posture of the body. Prolonged bad postures can lead to bad aches and pain, all over your body. Thus, it is important to maintain the physical posture and there is no better way than Yoga.

>>Due to the various postures and positioning, Yoga helps in proper blood flow through through the veins.

>>When the rate of blood flow in the body is good then the chances of high or low blood pressure gets lowered. Thus, Yoga helps maintain blood pressure.

>>Proper Yoga also keeps away any kind of back pain.

>>It helps you focus or concentrate better on things, work and even studies. Thus your performance is increased.

>>It helps cope stress, tension and trauma.

>>Regular practice of Yoga also helps in strengthening the body immune system.

There are many more known benefits of Yoga and still many benefits yet to know.

Popularity of Yoga in India:

The art being found in India itself, it slowly is gaining popularity in here. Each day more and more people are indulging themselves in Yoga practices. To honor the art, the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, declared 21st June as the National Yoga day. Since the declaration of the National Yoga day, the popularity of Yoga has reached new heights in India altogether.

Eminent personalities from bollywood who take inspiration from Yoga:


  1. Shilpa Shetty – The one bollywood celebrity who loves going all natural and thus swears by Yoga is none other than Shilpa Shetty. She sternly follows her Yoga routine everyday and claims that the secret for her well maintained and well toned body is Yoga. She never leaves any occasion to talk about the benefits of Yoga.
  2. Kareena Kapoor Khan – The popular b-town celebrity who swears by Yoga is Kareena Kapoor Khan. She practices a number of Yogas including the ones that help relieve stress and tension.
  3. Malaika Arora – Influenced by Kareena, Malaika practices power Yoga every single day no matter how tight her schedule is.
  4. Lara Dutta – Miss World 2000 who went to become an successful actress in bollywood also practices Yoga religiously to distance herself from all health hazards, aches and mental disturbance.
  5. Bipasha Basu- Being a fitness freak, the Bengali beauty cum model turned actress credits Yoga for her perfect curves. She is always seen promoting Yoga in different platforms.

So these were a few important and fun fact related to Yoga. Hope you all enjoyed the read just before the National Yoga day and are inspired.

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