Janmashtami is more than just a festival for the ardent Krishna believers. The festival marks the arrival of the Lord, his birth in the dark, stormy night signifying happiness and joy. The occasion is celebrated to mark the rich persona of Lord Krishna whose purpose of coming to the world in the human form is to disperse evil and spread happiness. The grand festivities begin days before the festival in several regions, especially in the holy town of Vrindavan, Gokul and Mathura. People from around the world come together to worship the Lord, with the drum beats, activities, drama, and the sound of devotional songs, the entire town is engulfed in celebrations and ecstasy. 


The Lord is welcomed with full pomp and show. People decorate their homes and temples with vibrant beautifications, lights, and decorative material. Many devotees practice fasting on this day, praying and singing together, visiting temples to seek kanha ji blessings and practicing other rituals like playing Dahi-handi game and taking part in dramas. It is a common sight to see little ones dressed up like Krishna in yellow dress, wearing a magnificent crown. The Krishna idol is the center of attraction of the occasion and is embellished exquisitely with beautiful dress designed especially for laddu gopal ji, attractive crown, metal bansuri and ornaments are some other adornments used to achieve that comprehensive look.

Essential Janmashtami purchases 

Janmashtami as we all know is celebrated in the honor of Lord Krishna’s birth. The festival is incomplete without performing comprehensive rituals which include bathing laddu gopal ji, decorating home and temple, performing puja and making sweets to please the Lord. Here is an essential list of purchases that you need to buy on the auspicious day of Janamashtami to perform the rituals in the right way. 

Krishna’s Idol

The different forms of Krishna signify different and deep meanings. Some devotees who want a child bring home the childhood form of Krishna to spread positivity in their home and in hope that with the blessings of little Laddu Gopal Ji, they will soon become parents. Couples bring home the Radha Krishna Idol which is symbolic of pure relationship and love. While other devotees get the young form of Krishna standing one leg crossed and playing flute for a peaceful environment. The idol of the Lord is thoughtfully crafted and made in highest quality material, easily online with divine look and finishing

Pooja Kit

Any Indian festival or puja, be it Diwali puja or holy puja, is incomplete without a comprehensive kit that includes all the important nitty-gritties required to complete the auspicious puja. The purpose of worshipping God is to please him and to embrace positivity around, therefore it is important to revere the Lord in a right way using the right items.  A pooja kit is your rescue when you don’t have an idea as to what all you need during the pooja.

A comprehensive Janmashtami is typically equipped with items such as sindoor, accessories, kajal, a yantra, flowers, sweets and more. One can get it customized as per their needs and requirements. The kit makes the process easier as you’ve all requisites at one place. 

A beautiful Laddu Gopal Poshak 

Janmashtami is an occasion to celebrate Krishna’s birthday and to rejoice his glory. The day is best celebrated by dressing up Krishna with a delightful poshak crafted thoughtfully. Hand crafted, decorated with pearls, a range of bal gopal dresses are available online and offline according to the diverse preferences of the devotees. 

Choose beautiful traditional attire for you to celebrate the auspicious occasion in style. Janmashtami celebrations are best observed in traditional, twining with laddu gopal ji as a token of love and adoration. Buy a vibrant dress to match the colorful laddu gopal dress.

Bal Gopal Jhula

Besides the dress, comes laddu gopal jhula for swinging in and used in reverence of the Lord. A collection of hand crafted bal gopal jhula is available online at the best prices to suit the requirements of devotees who reach out to buy the best for their little kanha ji. Placing the lord on a jhula is a special ritual embraced during the Janmashtami celebrations. It signifies the presence of the Lord and is used to welcome him with warmth and love.


Bal Gopal shringaar is an indispensable ritual performed in all the temples and homes on special occasions like Janmashtami. The shringaar includes a magistic mukut or crown, a designer poshak, a beautiful flute, captivating mala set and more. These bal gopal shringaar items are available online in a wide range captivating designs.

Peacock feather

Peacock feather, also known as Morpankhi is a significant part of Krishna’s shringaar. While the Lord wears various ornaments, peacock feather in his crown is a constant accessory and symbolic of Krishna’s nature. The feather of peacock signifies the pure image of the Lord, his love for dance, and also depicts his colorful side. 

Bhagvat Gita

Devotees often read chapters of the holy book Bhagvat Geeta which describes the deeds of the Lord in detail, giving us an insight to Krishna’s nature, life, experiences and activities. From Krishna’s attire and the way he used to stand to the knowledge of how he saved people around him, everything is mentioned in the holy book. It gives immense pleasure to the devotees to read and learn from the actions of Krishna. 

While celebrations are galore all over the world, there are some places in the country which deserve a special mention, for these are the holy towns where the true essence of Janmashtami celebration can be witnessed every year. Gokul, Mathura, and Vrindavan showcase the grandest celebrations including raas leela enactments, finest decorations, devotional dance drama events and traditional music.  Folks from around the world visit these places at this time of the year to celebrate Janmashtami and feel its real essence. The town is beautifully lit at midnight and the entire view is a sight to behold.

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