I’m curvy and I know it! Afamado is among a very few online retailers that sells plus size fashion garments for women exclusively. Customizing garments with exact measure posed by the buyer, Afamado is defining what an online boutique should be like.  My experience with this shop has been a journey that has surpassed initial service expectations.


In a country where e-commerce giants have been battling to occupy the online shopping throne, fewer small time websites have been garnering attention. Afamado is one such retailer that has been earning a fair amount of popularity. With a clothing range that serves fashion with great style to curvy women, the website is filled with dresses that dictate style.

afamado designs

This is how my experience with Afamado was:

A regular day on my Facebook wall and a sponsored ad shows up. ‘Wow! The girl looks pretty slick in that dress’ – that was when I first noticed Afamado. Browsing through its catalogue was equally impressive. Though once when getting into a shopping site whose name you haven’t come across before, the doubts on the websites authenticity is justified; so was it to me too. The price factor added a bit to my already hesitant heart. Yet once the reviews were read, the trust built. Positive reviews were pouring in which made me go for it too.

The website navigation is pretty simple but choosing just one becomes tough as everything in their collection looks great. I took time for me to settle on the one that I loved the most – Cold Shoulder Floral dress and checked out.

The shipping, as mentioned in the website takes around 6-10 business days, which is a bit long. After the order was placed, a phone call from Afamado requesting my measurements was received. Now that all was done, I had to wait. One fine day I received and the dress justified everything they stand for – Excellence and quality. Once my hand grazed the fabric, I right away then knew that the quality offered was more than excellent. The stitching was accurate and the clothing suited me well.

I would gladly rate a 5 star to Afamado for being open about sizes and also for providing a great range of clothing line.

This Diwali, gift yourself a beautiful dress from Afamado with the given code “DEEP15”.


Author: Syed Asif

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