About Me

Welcome to The Fashion And City, where I share with you those tips and tricks that keeps you updated with the trend. That’s just the one line bio and I personally think you are here to know a bit more about me.

Hey, I’m Swarupa Panda, a very fun girl personally that loves anything and everything that has to do with Fashion and Lifestyle. I follow the trends like crazy and love even more to write about them. If you are here to know a bit about the dipping stocks, political discussions or the daily advancements of the Mars rover, oh God! You are the wrong place and I don’t even know the direction to point you towards.

But if you are here seeking beauty advices, product reviews of the same and also travel and entertainment; yeah! You are at the right place. I love talking fashion all day long and would love to hear from you. I’m not hard to reach, mail me, ping me and I usually reply as soon as I see your message.

Well, if you are here to collaborate with me or to advertise your product/service, feel free to mail me at thefashionandcity@gmail.com and we could proceed further.