To begin with – season 2 does not disappoint. The second season is bigger and grander, and definitely goes beyond the various highlights of season 1. Be it the acting of Kunal Kemmu, the restrained way in which he shapes the character and makes it larger than life or the ensemble cast that includes Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh, there are so many touch points to keep you hooked. #TheRoadToJustice never seemed this exciting and thrilling before.

Here’s a quick review and all the important highlights from the show

The story continues 8 years after the start of season 1. Season 2 is an 8-episode murder mystery where all the cases are true crime stories of either solved or closed cases. Of course, the crime is fictionalized where Abhay solves one case after another in perfection with his trademark ingenuity, and novel deductions. All this happens until enters an enigmatic criminal mastermind, with no name or past, and traps Abhay along with everyone else in a maze that will test the very fibre of his morality. Season 2 is more focused on the hidden side of Abhay that comes into life when the villain unravels secrets from the past and turns everyone’s world upside down.

The villain of the show is everything that you could have asked for and more. He knows how to push Abhay, and also tell his truth about the world. Between the pressure of savings the kids and protecting his past secrets, Abhay once again emerges incorruptible.

The intense background score, the compelling storyline, the seamless editing and the fine directing done is what makes season 2 worth the watch. Also, there is a Ram Kapoor surprise for all the fans. No more spoilers for you!

Quick review of the cases of Abhay – Season 2

Case 1: The series starts with the first case of social psychopath who chops intelligent people’s head and drinks ‘Brain Soup’.

Case 2: Next you come across a prostitute that targets men in order to take revenge against the man who forced her into this.

Case 3: Here comes a doctor who started his murder spree in quest to make his own Frankenstein, waging a war against the creator who took away his sister.

Case 4: A cop who used to target, lure and kill woman while wearing their lingerie and thus executing his mother’s old rituals to remain youthful.

Case 5: A 20-year girl who suffers from schizophrenia has been victim of child marriage and paedophilia. In due course of time, her inner voice has channelized all negativity and made her a murderer where she goes on a killing spree of targeting men and brutally murdering them.

Case 6: A mechanical engineer who thinks homosexuality is a sin and is out to cleanse the society by killing people who, according to him, are infested by this disease.

As you can observe, the stories get raw, gory and gruesome. They focus on showing the depths and depravity of humankind and how the society is infested with sociopaths and psychopaths. We like to think that nothing bad will happen to us but in reality there are criminals living amongst us. They’re so close to home.They could be our milkman, building watchman or even, our uncle. And thus showcasing the harsh realities of life and opening our eyes to the dark side.

Other details about the show

Language: Hindi / Category: A

Genre: Action Thriller | True Crime

Cast: Kunal Khemu, Ram Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh, Bidita Bag, Raghav Juval.

Final thoughts about the show

This edge of the seat, fast-paced thriller is all set to awe the audience with its true crime stories, power-packed acting and villains that make us question ourselves and the society we live in. The real question is – are people bad or do they become bad? You find Abhay using his devious means, delivering justice in whatever way possible. The cat and mouse chase makes the show a tempting binge-watch for the weekend.

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