A Little Black Dress and You

Yes, it is a must have in your wardrobe. A color that symbolizes the most gallant of virtues – the ability to take in. Talk about the glamour that comes with this color and you need to have something along the lines of a Little Black Dress or LBD as women across globe call it in your coveted closet.



Nothing defines the feminine form better than a black dress. I ordered a Fit and Flare black dress from Flipkart. Last time It was Afamado, that provided a perfect fit and flared dress. I personally find flared dresses and skirts quite comfortable for outings.






Don’t get me wrong, I am very loyal to my selection of Kurti’s that I tend to buy in an upper size for more comfort but that doesn’t mean that I am not privy to enjoy some western dresses once every while.

Dresses for women are a necessity than an ambience at times. Talk about office parties, cocktail gatherings or a romantic date night, you can get through them with casual dresses, cocktail dresses and party dresses alike.

It is all a matter of choice. Online dress shopping also allows one to buy plus size dresses as per their comfort and choice. The dresses online do tend to leave us quite indecisive at times (most of the times). This is where one keeps in mind the locations, occasion and company of and for dressing.



I paired my black dress with a golden thick choker as the dress have some metal patchwork in golden color along with matching bracelet and long drop earrings.

Midi dress and tunic dress are the options that you can start your exploration of buying designer dresses online.


Dressing is an art along with the strongest form of self-expression and damn, you need to get it right. At times you must venture out of your comfort zone and try in new stuff so as to find your niche and aspiring interests alike.

It is necessary that you explore before settling on yourself with a particular taste.

Black is definitely the new pink.

Author: The Fashion and City

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