7 Eye-Wear Trends for 2020

Fashion accessories plays an important role to enhance one’s personality. And these accessories are not just limited to shoes/bags and jewellery any more. Fashion world has explored eye-wears to be one of the top priority in fashion accessory category.

Apart from improving your overall eye health, your glasses can also help you upgrade your style. People who wear glasses are no longer stereotyped as nerds as even oversized rimmed eyewear has made its way into the world of fashion. Today, people are willing to buy unprescribed glasses just to look fashionable. The eyewear industry is huge and worth almost $23 million. Eyewear designers have also become more creative to help you with so many options. So, which type of glasses should you get? Let us check out some of the latest trends in eye glasses for this year.

1. Cat Eyeglasses


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Cat-eye frames are no longer for your grandmothers. These retro glasses are back in style better than ever and wearing them gives you a chic and sophisticated look. These frames are widely popular because they are versatile, and many people can pull the look off. There are variety of cat-eye versions for everyone. For example, if you have a round face, you will look great in a pair of frames designed with bold angular lines or a rose tinted lenses with a golden frame for a chic style.

2. Rounded Glasses

Think Harry Potter, and your mind will immediately go to rounded glasses. Rounded glasses are making a significant comeback in the eyewear industry. They are perfect for those who want a unique vintage look or pull off a retro vibe. Because of their unique shape and style, rounded glasses are better suited for people with angular facial features. That does not mean it is only limited to particular face shape; anybody can rock it. A black round frame with a formal wear gives a professional touch to your look.

3. Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses have a simple yet sleek design. Because they do not have any borders or frames, they tend to feel light and comfortable to wear. If you successfully pull it off, it can give you a smart or intellectual look. These glasses are excellent choices for people who are required to wear glasses daily because they are not obtrusive. The best thing about rimless glasses is that they come in different cuts so you can find one that best fits your face. However, they are very fragile and must be handled with care.

4. Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses have been around for a long while and are bold fashion statements. They are no longer associated with nerds or bookworms, and there is a reason why many people hopped onto the trend. Oversized eyeglasses go well with a lot of faces, especially on larger faces. For people who love to be at the centre of attention, they are the perfect pair of glasses you need. If you are getting these for the first time, it would be best to stick with ones with lighter, thinner frames. Once you are more used to wearing them, you can get thicker and brightly coloured ones that reflect your personality. An oversized sunglass is a perfect beach company.

5. Transparent Eyewear

Chances are that you have probably seen this design trend a whole lot more this year. They are perfect for those who want something subtle yet beautiful. You can pair your transparent glasses with every outfit for a bold look. The lack of colour allows for greater longevity as your clear glasses will not fade out over time.

6. Rectangle Glasses

If you are looking for a classic pair of glasses, then you should consider getting rectangular glasses. These are a favourite among glasses wearers because its versatility gives off professional and modern geek vibes. Today, there are newer designs of the traditional rectangle glasses; they come in bold shades and materials like metals and plastics to make you look edgy and cool. Rectangle glasses are also perfect for more rounded faces.

7. Aviator Glasses


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Aviator-shaped glasses are the ultimate relaxed look. They were initially designed for pilots as anti-glare protective wear. Ray-Ban’s classic aviator sunglasses inspired them. The best thing about these frames is that they fit any facial shapes. They are durable, as they are made out of metal and acetate. What is more, they are unisex, so they fit women just as much as they do men. Expect to see more funky designs and styles of the traditional aviator in the near future.

Glasses are essential items; they help improve your vision and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but that does not mean they have to be plain and boring. You can find the perfect pair of glasses that fit your face, personality and style. Many eyewear stores have a wide range of glasses that you can browse. Alternatively, you can also visit website that sells glasses to make it easier for you to decide which one is best for you.

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