6 Wardrobe Essentials Every Women Must Have

It is rightly said that there’s hardly anything that you won’t get in a ladies wardrobe but sometimes it so happens that you miss out on the essentials. Listed below are 6 wardrobe essentials every woman must-have. Take a look:

1. Black jeans


There is a reason black is considered to be a color with class. Having black jeans will give you the power to don any look. You can team it with a casual, party wear or a formal top. Throw in a statement accessory and you are good to go.

2. Basic white t-shirt


Black jeans and a white t-shirt pretty much do the same job. You can team a white t-shirt with jeans, trousers, skirts or about anything. Pairing a white t-shirt with a shrug or jacket will also give you the required oomph.

3. Statement accessory

It can be anything that you love the most. If you crave for watches, have that one special piece in your closet that will complete your look. You might look for a classy neckpiece or a bracelet too.

4. Tan brown bag


Be it a sling bag, backpack or any handbag; your priority should be the tan brown color. It not only looks classy and stylish but also compliments several looks. You can carry a tan brown bag anytime anywhere without having to think twice. Just grab it and you are good to go.

5. Waist belt

Want to flaunt your curves? Go get an awesome waist belt that will do justice to your fab body. Waist belts can give a twist to your simple dresses. These belts can sometimes cause discomfort so pick them up wisely.

6. Jackets

A jacket does not just serve the purpose of keeping you warm; it can make you look stylish and trendy while giving you comfort from the cold. Try to incorporate the jacket smartly in your look so that it doesn’t seem to be an extra garment on your body. Let it add to your awesomeness. UsLocales have too many fashion accessory stores you can buy from your nearest store.

Now that you know about these wardrobe essentials, it is time for you to mix and match them to create magic. You can don several different looks with these essentials because women don’t just follow fashion they create new fashion every day. If any of these is missing from your wardrobe, it is time to grab your wallet and head out shopping

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Author: The Fashion and City

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