Epilepsy is a condition of the neurons where abnormal electrical activities inside the brain lead to recurrent sensory disturbance episodes that can also be paired with convulsions or unconsciousness. Traditionally, fits or epilepsy is treated with the help of antiseizure medications. However, these mediations might not be fruitful for everyone. They also come with a range of harmful side effects. Luckily, there are several natural treatments available for epilepsy that come without any harmful side effects with guaranteed relief.

Let’s take a look at some of the best natural treatments for Epilepsy.

1-Food rich in magnesium



According to recent research magnesium, deficiency in your body can be a causal factor for seizures to be triggered. If you are trying to find a way to cure fits permanently, make sure the diet you opt for is rich in magnesium content. You can find ample magnesium content in food that includes almonds, spinach, cashew nuts, etc. Your doctor might have also prescribed you some magnesium supplement to keep you away from seizures. This means a good dosage of magnesium is sure to help you with repetitive seizures.

2-Ash Gourd


Ash Gourd


Ash gourd, also known as winter melon houses great benefits for patients suffering from epilepsy. To extract its juice, you can peel, grate and then squeeze the melon which should be mixed along with licorice powder to make the perfect anti-seizure combination juice. Make it a habit to drink it on a regular basis. You can effectively bring down your requirement for epilepsy medications such as Levipil 500 when you consume this beneficial juice every day.




Garlic is an amazing health healer which can easily be found in your home kitchen. You can either chew 1-2 clove of garlic directly every day or crush them and boil it in water to form a drink that should be consumed daily. To make the drink consumable, you can add milk to it. The milk and water keep you hydrated with ample minerals while garlic keeps you up and running with improved neurological health.

4-Coconut Water



Coconut water is a savior when it comes to quenching your thirst in the hot summers. However, very few know that this magical water saves you from fits as well. It is the perfect combination of electrolytes, water, and vital minerals that help your brain and neurons function effectively by reducing the chances for onset of fits. With better health of the neurons, the occurrence rate of fits is lowered significantly with perfect composure of the neurological system.




Milk is always associated with calcium that is good for better bone health. However, milk can also be a great healer when it comes to better brain health. When you consume milk on a daily basis, your brain receives ample mineral content to help function as normal as possible. It also keeps the body hydrated, so that is another win-win situation for opting to drink milk to bring down the effects of epilepsy or fits.

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