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A feature wall is the supposed eye-candy when a person enters the room. As the focal point, the chosen surface or room side serves as an empty canvas for the person who will design it. With many textures, designs, shapes, colors, and patterns to choose from.

The subtle details bring a high impact on the impression of the whole house. While others would make use of Bohemian accents, geometric accessories, or minimalist designs, some interior designs choose miniature statues to add allure to that blank space.

But what kind of statue would do a great job as an attractive wall design? In this blog, we will discuss five fantastic miniature statues that would undoubtedly look fabulous in a feature wall.

#1 – Cultural and Religious Sculptures

With their sophisticated, dramatic, and eye-catching presence, a statue of Buddha, Ganesha, Zeus, or any artistic depiction of a deity would work in an accent wall. One should consider the size and color to make sure it matches with the rest of the home furnishings.  

Another option would be making use of decorative realistic miniature statues that fit the season. The figures found in Belén, also known as the nativity scene, work as great wall designs for a Christian home during the Christmas season.

#2 – Animal Statues

For a safari-theme living area, try collecting small animal statues and make them stand in a beautiful shelf made of glass attached in a feature wall. Or, you can also have your wall customized so it would showcase a built-in rack full of animal-figures.

You can go safari-wild on this option. Add artificial grasses or leaves around to help the scene emanate a jungle-like vibe. Don’t forget to add lighting inside the built-in shelf to emphasize the display of your feature wall.

#3 – Lego Figures

For a playful vibe, make use of Lego figures. These blocks would greet visitors with a welcoming and whimsical atmosphere, and adds up to the liveliness of an already funny moment. If you have kids, consider this design, but make sure that the legos are out of their reach, or these tiny pieces of squares and rectangles would end up stabbing your foot.

#4 – Action Figures

Geek collectors who spent thousands of dollars on Figuramas, Gachapons, and rare Funko Pops might have thought about this already. If you have some action figures kept in the basement, don’t just let them rot in there for eternity. Use these expensive toy statues as wall designs!

If you plan to add more figures into your collection, a built-in rack full of these toys in a feature wall would serve as a strong motivation for you to get more. So, if you’re in a toy-figure collecting hiatus, now’s the perfect time to resume your hobby for as long as you got the money!

#5 – Statues That Look Like You

This suggestion may sound a bit narcissistic, but there’s nothing wrong with marking your beautiful house with that heroic smile you’re proud of showing to other people! Greet your guests with a welcoming face through miniature statues like you, and to make sure they see it, your head should be a bit animated and more prominent — just like Bobbleheads.

A bobblehead is a small type doll sporting a head many times bigger than its body. They are usually customized to imitate someone’s appearance. Instead of getting yourself a superman or batman figure, why not put your head on a superhero’s body?

To get one, send an image of yourself to a bobblehead manufacturer, and wait for the figure to arrive. Make sure to prepare a particular space in the feature wall for a superhero you!

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