5 Fashion tips for guys to Upscale their fashion Statement!

Fashion is not just temporary! It is an eternal phenomenon that makes you look stylish and alluring at the same time. Yes, the trends keep changing timely, but it’s always about something that defines and makes you look better than before. And to ensure you are always your presentable best and magnificent, keep updating your fashion statement on a timely basis. Want some tips to do so? Follow Surya Sharma on Myntra Studio or just look at these tips we have listed for you below:

  • Denim jackets are always in trend – Apparently, you have a denim jacket already in your wardrobe. Great, then you are already ready to rock the fashion trends. But if you are yet to own it, then it’s time you bought one. A denim jacket looks perfect on all kinds of t-shirts and even formal shirts. And whether it’s a summer’s day out or night party in winters, it suits every occasion and makes you look as confident and attractive as you like.
  • Pink always steals the show – Pink is not only just for girls, this shade has the power to make even the guys look hotter and alluring. So, be it a soft, baby pink or a dark, royal tint of the colour, if you love  pink, then you don’t need any more time to think and grab a shirt or a tee of this shade and update your wardrobe. Just like Surya Sharma shows the admirable style on his page the Myntra studio, even you can look totally fascinating in this shade when you imitate the style. 
  • Checkered shirts will make you look imperial on all occasions – A checkered shirt is a captivating design that makes you look ritzy and Splendid. It offers a perfectly formal look with khaki trousers  and an enticing casual with denims. Make sure you have enough checkered patterned shirts in your wardrobe to Upscale your fashion collection timely.
  • A hoodie jacket – A hoodie is super stylish and looks spectacular on all occasions. You can get a sleeveless hoodie on summer days and winters with full sleeves jackets that seem perfect. Just get some cues from Surya Sharma on Myntra Studio and update your wardrobe accordingly.
  • An all black style – Black t-shirts with the same coloured jeans make you look spectacular at the very first glance. You can even steal the show wearing the trousers of this dark shade and pair it with a black formal shirt. You can spend some more on a black coloured blazer if you want to kill the feel. Otherwise, just an addition of blacks in your wardrobe will make you look alluring on all occasions.

What say? Did you find these recommendations from the fashion influencer Surya Sharma interesting? We hope our given list sparked some interest in you as well. If you follow these well, you are sure to make gazes drop on you wearing them.

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  1. Jyotirmayee Panda

    It’s not always that girls are confined to the field of fashion, boys also like to be fashionable. Given tips are very good.

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