Weekends are meant for people to relax, and let themselves loose after working 5 straight days, but what to do when a sudden call from your friends come inviting you out for a party. You’re already so exhausted from working that even picking out an outfit, a simple and meager task start to seem troublesome. But then again you do have to look good, and the only way to do that is to dress up for the destination where your friends await your arrival. Well! Not anymore because we know how hard working women feel about picking out the right outfits after the work-hours end, which is why we thought of selecting a few easy going weekend outfits for them. 

These outfits are really easy to put on, and when it comes to being fashionable well then these outfits are sure to put you under the spotlight. So, with that said below are 5 easy outfit ideas for the summer season that you must try.

Checkered Dress

A Checkered Dress with Chunky Trainers

A checkered dress! You must think we might be kidding since it’s a tad bit old fashion, and doesn’t really bring that spice in the ensemble you have in mind at the moment. But, we urge you to think again because nonetheless it is the summer season, and outfits with vibrant colors alongside patters stand out the most. Which is why we thought of including this ensemble as the first one on our list, plus if you aren’t the girly type who likes to dress all fancy then pairing the dress up with some chunky trainers is sure to get you the most comfiest yet stylish ensemble ever.

Hoodie Paired With Midi Skirt

A Hoodie Paired With Midi Skirt 

Another out of the box outfit idea for the weekend, and a hoodie during the summer season? Sounds kind of stupid right! But as a matter of fact it’s the perfect idea that can put you under the spotlight why? Because you look different than any other girl in your group of friends. Hoodies aren’t specifically made for the winter season, even now you would find hoodies made out of light fabric that remains cool during the sweltering heat of the summer. Although the midi-skirt you pair up with that hoodie is a bit complicated because you would have to find the right color balance to match both choices and create something anew. But once that is done you can easily top this off with long boots for a professional look, or some sneakers to keep it casual.

Crop Top plus High Wasted Trousers

Crop Top plus High Waisted Trousers

Now this might be an ensemble that you fell in love with, and might even make it an every weekend comfort outfit for yourself. Crop tops are always high in demand during the summer season, they’re easy to breathe in, light as a feather, and have variations that suit you perfectly. Adding this to your wardrobe during the summer season is the perfect way to start shopping for the season, and if we talk about the lower half that would go well with the crop-top, then our vote will always be on trousers. A high waisted trouser similar to the crop top is again breathable and has some extra room for you to move around in, making this a perfect easy outfit for you to slap on quickly while heading out during the weekend.

A Skirt Suit with Slipped on Mules

A Skirt Suit with Slipped on Mule

The skirt suit might not sound like your usual weekend apparel because after wearing a pant suit during the weekdays as you work, putting on that same outfit again seems like a bit of a stretch. But here we are talking about easy outfits to wear on the weekends, outfits which you can quickly put together in a manner of few minutes, and the pant suit is by far the easiest of them all. Putting it together takes only 2-3 minutes, and pairing it up with mules saves you the hassle of finding the right shoes to go along with them, plus they cost a lot so, wearing them even during the weekend might make it seem like you walking around in a money suit.

Short Sleeves Shirt with Trousers

Short Sleeves Shirt with Trousers

A Short Sleeves white shirt is basically the new thing at the moment, and it’s all because of the Chanel’s new launch of these short sleeve shirts. Now they may be a bit over the budget for some, but for those who can afford it, this shirt your drobe can become the epitome of your summer fashion style and we haven’t even told you the best part about these shirts yet. The best part about these shirts is that they can easily be paired up with some of your funky trousers bringing about a new look, that sleek. Comfortable and stylish.

Author: The Fashion and City

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