3 Tips For Organizing Your Clothes In Your Small Bedroom

If you have a love for fashion, it’s easy for your clothes and accessories to quickly take over your closet and bedroom. And if you’re trying to make everything fit into a particularly small space, you might start to feel like you’re being completely overrun by your clothes. Luckily, regardless of how small your bedroom and closet might be, there are probably ways that you could better organize and conserve space.

To help you see how this might be done, here are three tips for organizing your clothes in your small bedroom. 

Use Storage Space Under Your Bed

While storing your clothes in your closet might be your first choice, if all of the space is taken up there, you’ve got to look somewhere else. One area you might not be using to its fullest potential is under your bed.

Unless your bed is actually sitting flush with the floor, there is likely a few feet of space under there that you could be taking advantage of. If you’re wanting to spend some money on actual storage containers, there are clear bins that are meant to fit under a bed and would be perfect for storing some of your clothes. But if you’re on a budget, you could always use cardboard boxes or even shoe boxes to keep some of your clothing items. 

Take Advantage Of Your Vacuum

Although many individual items of clothing might be relatively small, if you’re trying to store quite a few pieces of clothing, they can quickly start to take up a lot of space.

To help you conserve space, you may want to take some of the clothes that you’re not cycling through as much, like clothes that are off-season, and store them in vacuum bags. By putting some of your clothes in plastic bags that you then suck all of the air out of, the clothes will now be compacted down to taking up a fraction of the space that they otherwise would. This way, you can store more clothes in even smaller spaces in your bedroom. 

Use Multi-Level Storage Options

Hanging storage is a great way to store items vertically so that they don’t take up so much room on the floor. However, many people who use vertical storage, like a clothing rod, stop at just that one level. But with a double rod, meaning you put another clothing rod right beneath the one you already have, you can add double the amount of storage space. And, if you can hang an additional hanger off the hangers you’re already using, you’ve just quadrupled the amount of clothing storage space you have. 

If you have a small bedroom that doesn’t have enough space for your clothes, consider how you can implement some of the tips mentioned above to get more available space. 

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