3 Tips For Helping Your Elderly Loved One Dress For Winter Weather

When the temperatures drop in the winter, it’s important to dress warmly. Especially for those who are particularly susceptible to cold weather, like the elderly and those who live in assisted living facilities, knowing how to dress for cold weather can be the difference between life and death.

If you have an elderly loved one who lives in a cold climate but doesn’t do well in the cold, consider using the tips mentioned above to help learn how you can assist your elderly loved one with dressing for winter weather. 

Choose Waterproof Clothing

In most cases, having cold temperatures will also mean having to deal with snow and ice. Because of this, having waterproof clothes is one of the best ways to ensure that your elderly loved one will stay warm when outside. 

If snow or ice gets onto clothes that aren’t waterproof, in addition to having to deal with the already cold temperatures, your loved one will also have to deal with being wet, which can make them feel a whole lot colder. So to avoid this, make sure that their outer layers are always waterproof, especially when it comes to shoes and coats. 

Think Of Dressing Head To Toe

When you have to run outside for something in the winter, you might just slip on your coat and be fine. But when the cold weather has a big impact on you, you’ll want to make sure that you’re dressed from head to toe in items that will keep you warm before you venture outside. 

As you help your elderly loved one dress from head to toe, you’ll want to start by ensuring that their base layers of clothing are thick enough to keep out the cold. Thin layers can allow cold air to easily seep into the body, which can be very hard on older people. Next, make sure they have warm shoes that will keep their feet dry and give them adequate traction. You’ll also want to have them wear waterproof gloves to keep their hands warm. And to best keep all of this heat in, be sure your elderly loved one has a hat to wear so they don’t lose a lot of their body heat

Opt For Layers

While you might think that throwing on a big heavy coat is the best way to stay warm during cold weather, many elderly people tend to prefer dressing in layers. 

As you help your elderly loved one dress in layers, try to keep the layers light so they can add more or take some off if they need to. Ideally, the bottom layer should be one that wicks moisture away in the event that they do get too hot under all their layers. 

If you have an elderly loved one that needs to dress a little warmer in the winter, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you guide them on this. 

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