Month: November 2017

Banana Cake

Banana Cake Recipe

Hello guys. Hope you are doing well. Being a dessert lover I always try to prepare something good and tasty with less time. Yesterday I have prepared a Banana Cake. It was so tasty that I could not stop myself to share the recipe with you guys. If you are preparing this cake by following …

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Exploring the Unexplored – Abhishek’s take on tradition

I’m just trying to document my personal wardrobe, because its fun 🙂 Abhishek S Murthy is a distinguished example who defines and carries the very statement of Indian traditional fashion to a whole new level. His insta account is one of the very few that makes me scroll through his entire timeline. He though mentions …

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ethnic earrings

The Modern Ethnic Earrings Trends

Accessorize the right way! Thinking about what to pair up your latest kurta with or maybe you are just confused how to clearly accessorize a palazzo with something that adds to the flair and yet accentuates and maintains the shape you feel like boasting about? Well, seems like you are missing the joy ride to …

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Basic Winter Care Regimen

Fall has approached and the harsh winter ain’t so far. A drastic change can be seen in the everyday wardrobe, eating patterns and sleeping habits too! The wardrobe becomes warmer and the meals become spicy, whereas when it comes to sleeping habits all feel like snuggling up a little more inside their beds in the …

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Wall Decor Ideas

If something defines your house and screams a great deal about your taste it has to be your walls. Yes, the same wall that capture you and yet protect you from what stays outside. Those walls define you. They speak languidness and they scream creativity depending on the whims and wiles of your taste. Why not …

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Traditional Look Book – Diwali Wishlist Compilation

A long due article from my side! With festive occasions and personal events, the Diwali special had a lot to be postponed and here is the final compilation look. But right before jumping into the compilation there are a few pointers for readers here on why traditional is always the best path to take during …

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