Long Anarkali Salwar Suits Designs Online – Engagement is the onset of the brand new chapter of your life, to be addressed as a couple. Some have experienced love at first sight and some might be knowing each other for better understanding. This marks the beginning of your courtship period. Those were the days when the boy and the girl used to see each other, get engaged and later after an year or two, they were married. Now things have altered, there are ceremonies which go day after another before wedding including sagan ceremony, sangeet ceremony in which engagement ceremony is also a part. Starting with the attires, engagement outfit should be classy, sexy and also cheerful. Long Anarkali suits are one of the best fit for this occasion since it is pretty convenient for the bride to carry around and requires least possible assistance, just for pinning up the dupatta. For quick review, mentioned below are some of the beautiful engagement long Anarkali dresses “He” won’t get his eyes off from.

1) Off White Anarkali Suit

When too much color makes you think like a rainbow, white is the easiest way to go. Off white absorbs more color and release radiance which will make you look shiny and feel shinier.


With peculiar colorful thread work reflects positivity and raise your self confidence.

2) Blue Anarkali Suit

Known for its majestic color, navy blue gives you a lot of brightness with or without thread work. For grand events like an engagement ceremony, a well embroidered Anarkali suit will do wonders anyway.


3) Peach Anarkali Suit

For the brides who love the pink color, this is your style type. It will obviously makes people turn “wow” without even exposing much of a skin.

4) Yellow Anarkali Suit

Clearly indicating towards the old style of dressing, this vintage collection of Anarkali dress online is nothing but a masterpiece.


Inspired from the history, this is an impeccable fusion of old and the new style that will make everyone amazed.

5) Black Anarkali Suit

Truly said, black is the most royal color of outfit which suits all skin tones. The recent mode of carrying an Anarkali tunic is with bare minimum jewellery, so most of the focus is laid on the necklines and the wrist lines.


With golden thread work, it appears like a heavy jewellery wrapped around the neck and wrist, enough for people to gaze at it.

6) Georgette Red Anarkali Suit

Monochromatic tones look way classy when mixed with the Indian attires, like Anarkali suits. The shade of color from light to dark or vice-versa, makes the piece of cloth so colorful. Similarly, when Mughal style is mixed with the shades of a color, the outcome really appeals the audience.


The slight change in Anarkali tunic is to pair it with a similar color long skirt to make it look like a layer Anarkali suit. A small tip and a great impact.

7) Pink Anarkali Suit

Tired of accepting suggestions what to wear, what color to wear and how to wear, the solution to your problem is right here. An elegant Anarkali tunic with comfortably decent design and a liberty to carry it with the color coordinated attires with your beau.


8) Two-shade Anarkali Suit

Change is the only thing constant in nature, imagine the renovated look of your engagement dress with the impact of dual color. Often confuse the audience with the top and a long skirt separately.


This renovated attire will go completely with the type of occasion making it look more graceful with the shades of two colors.

9) Long Anarkali Suit

The language of design liberated people. Abstract moves the mindset from regular design wear to a trendy and different. The mind game played through this attire is by making the Anarkali tunic look like a two piece of dresses combined together. The slight work on shoulders and so heavy flairs is a must go.


The high-low style display your heels tick-toeing and grabbing the eyes from the audience as you walk.

10) Indo Western Anarkali Suit

The Indo-western outfits works well with daytime events. Although, anarkali suits are a kind of indo-western fusion but to make the western part of design look realistic, some laws of traditional outfit needs to be broken.Indo-Western-Anarkali-Suits-Designs-Online-Engagement-Ceremony

The belt type neck, which makes you show-off your beautiful neck and no sleeves to slip your hands in the arms of your beau un-noticingly.

11) Silk Anarkali Suit

The concept of introducing the silk into the engagement outfits is a no brainier. Silk lifts the skinny body and adds up the volume and proper shape of your body. Be it a day time event or a night time event, silk rules the outfit any day.


The shine of this cloth is sufficient for the audience to know who the star of event is.

12) Long Flared Anarkali Suit

When the intricate design of royal castle fits right into your outfit of the day, remember, its something special. The graceful umbrella style of Anarkali printed with chandeliers and candles to make your day like a royal ball.


Printing other artifacts like elephants and even the name initials of the couple also works great as an outfit sense.

13) Anarkali Suit with Net

Another printed Anarkali tunic with designs hidden under the net layer to make it appear like a 3D design. Little stone work on the neck and a simple Anarkali is turned into a fashionista.


14) Golden Anarkali Suit

Women loves diamonds as much as they love gold. So why not add the gold to the attire. The self-explanatory golden Anarkali is everything. Made for such events, a long symmetrical flair to go with loud makeup and a lavish hairdo.


The queen of all and most importantly, “his” qween is set to arrive.

15) Soft shade Anarkali Suit

For weddings or engagements during warm season or summers, soft colors look vivacious and appropriate. Sensual neckline and a trendy cut in Anarkali is all it needs to make you look straight out of a fairytale.Soft-Blue-Anarkali-Suits-Designs-Online-Engagement-Ceremony

For more updates on recent Anarkali dresses designs, keep watching this space.

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