Energy is the ability of a body to do work. Have you noticed that when you eat less or eat unhealthy foods, you feel less energized, more lethargic and a lot sleepy? This is because your diet was wrong. The food you put in your body acts as a fuel.

This fuel assists in the functioning of your body. The right diet is necessary because healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables benefit your body in numerous ways. They provide your body with necessary carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins etc. Foods having such components strengthen your body and help you feel more active.

This is also why maintaining a diet is very necessary. A diet having all the necessary vitamins, minerals etc. is a must. You can also take online help in planning out your diet. Everything is now available on the internet and through internet assistance you can make an almost flawless and perfectly balanced diet.

Following this diet will be hard, you will have to avoid foods that burgers, fries and sodas etc. too but it will be totally worth it in the end. Once you notice how big of a difference this makes, you will be totally addicted to it.


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One way to find out how much energy your body requires is through Basil Metabolic Rate or BMR. In BMR, you can easily calculate the energy needed for you to do the simplest tasks like breathe etc. BMR is more in men than in women due to muscle mass.

Through BMR, you can also get to know how much energy you spend overall. It is a big help in planning out your diet.


Having to put in long hours of work, or maybe sometimes having more physical activity than we can bare leaves us feeling sleepy, lethargic and less active. We also feel more distracted towards other things and it also takes a toll on us physically and mentally.


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You’re never able to complete your work in time and your productivity is also limited. The problem with working long hours is that time is infinite, it’s never-ending you will have to work today and then same hours tomorrow but your energy has a limit. You will notice that sometimes at the end of the day you feel completely dried up, and even doing the smallest task is difficult. It’s tiring.

You need to manage your energy expenditure. Of course, missing and limiting work is not an option, it was never an option but instead you can try to manage the energy you spend on doing each task throughout the day.

Here is what you can do to have maximum energy and also enhance your productivity despite having to work long hours.

1> Try getting maximum sleep. You need about 8 hours to sleep every night, so try to achieve that or at-least try to get close. Sleep is very important for your body, because while you’re asleep your entire body is totally at rest. It also refreshes your brain and this is why it is necessary you don’t disturb your sleep cycle.


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2> Do exciting things, do things that makes adrenaline rush through your veins. Doing activities that thrill you up or you like totally open your mind and that makes you more productive and active. This is a very good way of enhancing productivity. You can also try hanging out with your friends, spending time with them or go watch a movie and visit a museum etc.


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3> Keep your work-space tidy and organized. Working in a dirty and unorganized environment really doesn’t seem like such a good idea. You easily get distracted in such a surrounding and you can’t perform at your best. So, before you start try tidying up your desk.


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4> The best way to manage your energy expenditure is by dividing your work into blocks. If you continuously do your work for hours, you will feel a lot more drained and low on energy but if you take breaks in between, you will feel a lot more active. Also, you will renew your energy in these intervals.


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5> People associate the food you eat with your energy. Basically, it is believed that the more you eat the more energy you will have. It is true to an extent, if you eat healthy food and include all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet only then you will be able to get the maximum out of yourself.

If you will eat junk food or won’t eat anything, then you will have low energy level and won’t be able to work.

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Giving yourself and your body mental and physical rest is a must. If you will work tirelessly then your health will shrink and deteriorate.

This is why it is necessary to eat healthy, get good sleep and give your body rest every now and then. This way, you will be able to manage your energy expenditure and it will have a positive impact on your body.

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