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My Favorite Fashionistas

Are you following these fashion bloggers? A pout, a smile or a full on laughter – Fashion is everything we see, touch and feel. We witness beauty in everything and fashion isn’t anything different. If you aren’t convinced yet, my favorite list of ‘Fashionistas’ would prove you wrong. That Boho Girl – Kritka Khurana   […]

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Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review

Have you tried the all new Lakme special CC cream yet? If not, what stops you? As far as consumer satisfaction is concerned this cream has truly topped the charts in that department because girls and woman from all age groups cannot stop praising the cream for its instant glow that lasts longer than the […]

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Black is the new Pink!

Black is the new pink! Though black can “none-shaded-ly” compete with all colours along with pastels and even the kinky Grey! So yes, black is most definitely the new pink – the evergreen and also the ancient classic. The best thing about black is that nobody can go wrong with a little black or maybe […]

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Afamado – An experience that’s worth the sharing

I’m curvy and I know it! Afamado is among a very few online retailers that sells plus size fashion garments for women exclusively. Customizing garments with exact measure posed by the buyer, Afamado is defining what an online boutique should be like.  My experience with this shop has been a journey that has surpassed initial […]

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